Professional Appliance Installation: Why is it important

Factory Certified Appliance Installations

Recently I was addressing a group of kitchen design professionals about Factory Certified Appliance Installations. I was talking about who Factory Certified Appliance Installers were and what they did. Then I asked them a question, “Why are several major appliance manufacturers implementing Factory Certification programs for appliance installers?” To find the answer to that question and many more, continue reading here…..

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Factory Certified, Appliance Repair Technicians Near Me

Appliance Service & Repair "I need an Appliance Repair Technician" It is always a bit frustrating when your household appliances require servicing. Especially your high end appliances. You expect your high end appliances to operate without breaking down.  But it...

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Holiday Appliance Installation Sale

The Holiday Appliance Installation Extravaganza Update your appliances between December 1 2016 and January 31 , 2017 and receive an installation discount from Pro Line Appliance Installation of up to $150.                                       Tis the season to update...

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Miele Dishwasher Intake Drain Light

At Pro Line Appliance, we have been servicing Miele products as a Miele Authorized Servicer for over a decade. We appreciate Miele's commitment to supporting their products long after they leave the showroom floor. Miele manufactures appliances to the highest...

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