Professional Appliance Installation: Why is it important

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Picture of range and hood that was professionally installed by certified installers at Pro Line Appliance Installation technicians

Factory Certified Appliance Installations

Recently I was addressing a group of kitchen design professionals about Factory Certified Appliance Installations. I was talking about who Factory Certified Appliance Installers were and what they did. Then I asked them a question, “Why are several major appliance manufacturers implementing Factory Certification programs for appliance installers?” To find the answer to that question and many more, continue reading here…..


Factory Certified, Appliance Repair Technicians Near Me

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Appliance Service & Repair “I need an Appliance Repair Technician” It is always a bit frustrating when your household appliances require servicing. Especially your high end appliances. You expect your high end appliances to operate without breaking down.  But it is like I often say, “you never see a high end car dealership with out […]