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At Pro Line Appliance, we have been servicing Miele products as a Miele Authorized Servicer for over a decade. We appreciate Miele’s commitment to supporting their products long after they leave the showroom floor. Miele manufactures appliances to the highest standards, and their dishwashers are no exception.

Over the years, one of the Miele Dishwasher questions we hear, more often than others, is in reference to the “Intake Drain” light. This light is a lot like the light on the dashboard of your car, warning of a potential problem that could damage the dishwasher. Just like the light on your dashboard the Intake Drain Light will illuminate to indicate that any one of a number of problems might exist.

The Operating manual outlines a number of things you can check to extinguish the Intake Drain light:

  1. Remove and clean the triple filter in the bottom of the dishwasher. The bottom of the filter will hinge open to allow for thorough cleaning.
  2. Remove and clean the Non-Return valve. The Non- Return valve is just below the filter screen. Check for debris that may be blocking the valve and preventing it from opening.
  3. Check that the water supply valve is open. This valve is normally under your kitchen sink.

Then turn the machine off and then back on. This will usually cancel the intake drain light and allow you to start a cycle. If the Intake Drain Light stays extinguished, congratulations you fixed it!

However, if the Intake Drain Light illuminates again:

  1. turn off the power to the dishwasher
  2. turn off the water to the dishwasher to prevent any possible damage and call the nearest Miele Authorized Servicer to further troubleshoot and resolve the issue.

If you are located in the Central Virginia Richmond area then Pro Line Appliance is your Miele Authorized Servicer.
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