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Virtual Evaluations

(Benefits & Overview of Steps)

This page was created to let you know a few of the many benefits virtual evaluations and how easy it is to submit your images we need to perform a virtual evaluation.

While not all installations are well suited for this process, we’ve found that many straight forward dishwasher & microwave installations actually do make great candidates for virtual evals.

Pro Line Appliance Installation is proud to be at the forefront of a new and innovative way to do business with our community.


The bottom line is, Virtual Evals just make a lot of sense.



Teams See Exactly What's Needed Ahead of Time


No Contact Evaluations Put Safety First


Often Lead to Sooner Installation Date


A Greener Solution: Reduces smog, Traffic Congestion & CO2 Emmisions

How it Works 

(A Simple Overview of How Virtual Evaluations Work)

Step 1.

Dishwasher or Microwave

After reading through these 3 steps you’ll simply choose either the Dishwasher or the Microwave. 

Step 2.

Take A Few Pictures

Once you’re on the next page you’ll be shown examples pictures that either you or someone in your home can take of your appliance and send to us using our simple “upload pictures” feature.

Step 3.

Send Our Office the Pictures

Once we’ve received your pictures we’ll contact you to arrange the first convenient time to install your new appliance.

Please select the Dishwasher or Microwave to move to the next and final steps.

Microwave Evaluation