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Factory Certified Appliance Installations

Recently I was addressing a group of kitchen design professionals about Factory Certified Appliance Installations. I was talking about who Factory Certified Appliance Installers were and what they did. Then I asked them a question, “Why are several major appliance manufacturers implementing Factory Certification programs for appliance installers?”


“Because they want the job done right” was the reply.


“Yes,” I said “but let’s unpack this a little further. Why are appliance manufacturers willing to provide customers with incentives such as rebates or extended warranties if their appliances are installed by a Certified Appliance Installation company? These are major corporations willing to make an investment, not just in compensation back to the customer, but they are also investing resources and training into companies willing to become Factory Certified Installers.”

Why do Appliance Manufacturers encourage Factory Certified Installers?

I looked around the room. “So why do the appliance manufacturers want the install done right? By the time the installation is about to be completed the appliance manufacturer has already made the sale. They have already been paid for the appliance. So why is it so important that the appliance is installed correctly the first time?”


Mechanical Reliability is the Competitive Edge

Appliance manufacturers spend a great deal of time and money ensuring the mechanical reliability of their products. They know that if their products fail to perform as advertised, the whole world will hear about it.


Service Calls in the First Months of Operation were on the Rise

Consumer magazines and websites were reporting a high level of mechanical issues within the first year of operation. As manufacturers dug into the data and researched this information they found that the service issues were not related so much to mechanical reliability issues as they were related to poor installations.


The Last Impression is a Lasting Impression

Appliance manufacturers know that they can’t tell the customer who they should have install their appliances. They also know is that the appliance is often blamed for problems related to a poor or improper installation. An appliance manufacturer executive once told me “We can build the best kitchen appliance, have the best marketing package, and have the most beautiful showrooms, but if the customer is unhappy with the appliance in their kitchen, then we have lost. That is why the installation is so important.” He paused for a second, “I would even say it is the most critical piece. It is our last chance to make a lasting impression.”


An Emerging New Trade in the Kitchen Installation and Remodeling Industry

Factory Certified Appliance Installation companies are growing in response to the kitchen appliance industry’s need for qualified, trained, professional appliance installers. Appliance manufacturers are broadening their kitchen appliance offerings. New and exciting improvements in appliance features, form and function, as well as how the appliance fits into the flow of the kitchen design, just increases the demand to ensure the appliance installation is handled properly the first time.


Factory Certified Appliance Installers complete rigorous manufacturer factory training programs to learn the nuances of each appliance installation. Factory Certified Installers ensure that each appliance is installed in accordance with manufacturer specifications. Factory Certified Appliance Installers ensure the appliance operates in accordance with the manufacturer’s specification and will walk the home owner through the operation of the appliance.


Professional Appliance Installations

The kitchen designers agreed that every aspect of a kitchen installation has to be accomplished by trained professionals, and the appliance installation is no exception. Especially when you consider that the appliances often represent the largest financial investment in the kitchen.

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