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Many of our customers

have a double wall oven or a combination oven (single oven and a microwave all-in-one) and they want to know if we can replace it with a single wall oven and a microwave oven.Yes, we can! Having two separate ovens can give you much more flexibility in the kitchen.

Often times only minor modifications are required to the cabinet to accommodate two separate ovens. First, we remove the existing oven. Next, we make the necessary modifications to the cabinet, which includes adjusting the opening in the cabinet and building individual shelves for each of the ovens.

Next, we install the ovens and test them to make sure they are operating in accordance with manufacturer’s specifications. We will even take the time to walk you through the operation of your new appliances.

Why replace your double oven with a single wall oven and a microwave?

Having two separate ovens means that if you have a problem with one oven the other oven will still be usable. Also, consider a Speed Oven or a Convection Steam Oven instead of a microwave oven. These ovens take up the same amount of space as a microwave and offer many more features.

A speed oven can be operated as a microwave oven or a convection oven. This gives you the microwave oven when you need it to heat something fast, as well as, a regular oven when you need that second oven space. It can also combine these features to give you the speed of a microwave and the roasting of a convection oven. The speed oven also offers a more economical option when cooking smaller portions.

The convection steam oven combines the roasting and baking features of a convection oven, as well as the added bonus of cooking with steam when you want it, which will be almost always. Cooking with a steam oven is wonderful. When baking with steam vegetables, meats and cakes all come out moist and flavorful.

So you can see you have many options to choose from.

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